Dot Voting

Business Agility Office

Is an estimation technique used in Agile with the next characteristics:

  • This is basically a ranking method to decide the order of the Product Backlog from the highest priority stories to lowest priority stories. This is done to select the most important stories which should be taken forward.
  • To start with this, post all the user stories along with their description on the wall or board using yellow stickies or in a way that distinguishes them for receiving the votes.
  • All stakeholders are given 4 to 5 dots (mostly in the form of stickers, pens or markers can also be used to make dot).
  • All the stakeholders are asked to give their votes on the user stories that they prefer.
  • Product Owner orders the product backlog items from the most preferred (one with most no of dots) to the least preferred (one with least no. of dots).
  • It may be the case, where few stakeholders are unhappy with the order decided. In this case, the user stories are divided in 3 groups after the discussions: high priority, low priority and medium priority. High priority user stories are posted on the wall to receive the votes. This is done until the final order is achieved with the agreement of all stakeholders.
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