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How Do You Audit a Digital Transformation?

May 25, 2021
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The incessant transformative impact of IT is redefining the IT audit function itself, forcing auditors to challenge long-standing practices, rethink fundamental processes, and recalibrate their function in the digital age. With the great technological advances, the possibility of producing test documentation purely electronically is becoming a reality. Automated accounting and the use of digital assets by accounting firms will have a significant impact on financial auditing.

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The first step is to ensure that your digital transformation strategy is a management decision. One of the areas that will affect you and the impact that digital transformation will have on your business is understanding the basis on which digital transformation will change the way you run the business and how you interact with your audience, employees and partners.

This ensures that these controls and considerations feed into your organization’s digital transformation plan and mitigate risks as your organization climbs the digital maturity curve. As you continue your journey toward digital transformation, you should consider investing in software and infrastructure that will enable your business to grow on a large scale. Start with the digital transformation of your departments and standardize your processes. It then requires the implementation of robust data and analysis tools and the creation of a digitally savvy internal audit team to manage digital transformations.

Key Performance

Depending on the organizational readiness, banks can start to cherry-pick their IA processes – interventions to create basic audit workflows. But an examination of digital transformation as an annual task would at least be a good choice. Depending on how leveraged a bank is, it can become fully digital in a few weeks, months, or even years.

In the case of a forward-looking strategy, the audit may also include monitoring key performance indicators to measure the continued success of the digital strategy. If the goal is to find out whether the agency is reviewing its digital portfolio and has the talent and expertise to implement it, it is worth checking it out in advance. If properly conducted, these audits can set the direction for future digital strategies by helping to identify what works and what doesn’t.

How do the Audit Committee, members and auditors deal with these changes and assess the weaknesses and control needs of the company correctly? The most important effect to be discovered is the ability to manage new risks within the internal audit process. ARLs, which allow them to perform digital audits designed to frequently assess their location, employees and processes, have a major impact on operational performance. It is certainly an important check point, but how do audit committees and members of the auditor properly assess companies “weaknesses and control needs?

Digital Strategy

Understanding what your digital transformation should look like is a key factor in your DX strategy. To make the most of the best digital transformations, companies need to empower their employees to take advantage of these benefits. However, teams conducting digital audits must carry out these and identify other take-aways, such as the need for better communication and collaboration between employees and management.

The first step in building a digital strategy is to conduct an internal review of the digital business strategy and the digital transformation strategy. Digital audit focuses on digital, but it is not the only part of a business transformation.


The footprint defines the digital marketing audit as a review of the brand’s marketing activities compared to what has been done in the past and what is happening now and how it compares to competitors. The footprint also defines a digital marketing audit, comparing the inspections of brand marketing activities with those that a brand has conducted in the past with those that it does now. In addition, a digital marketing audit is defined by examining how it behaves compared to a competitor and what impact what is happening now has on the business.

internal audit teams can also support the goals of digital transformation by helping to evaluate new technologies and solutions. Based on the performance of technology and digital audits, AgileTrinity will formulate a strategic plan to support business objectives.

High-quality digital audits give you the opportunity to use digital to grow your business and the ideas that flow into your channels and tactics.

Timely digital transformation audits are crucial to implementing your digital strategy at the pace of progress and digital success. As a result, leading ARM organizations are putting outdated compliance, audit, and workflow management at the top of their priority list for digital transformation. The auditing firm supports a wide range of compliance and audit controls as well as compliance audits and controls for the entire organization.

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