Lean-Agile Process Design Specialist

Our Lean-Agile Practice Group at AgileTrinity is a team of Agile Coaches and Lean Practitioners with the mission of leading motivated teams in Agile and Lean delivery of value through analytics and focused experimentation. Our team is responsible for process design, education, coaching, and measurement of our Lean-Agile practice.

The Organizational Design Specialist (ODS) focuses on how the company implements Lean-Agile practices. The Organizational Design Specialist is front and center when it comes to the design, roll out, and evaluation of how AgileTrinity practices its “Ways of Working.” It is up to the ODS, in partnership with other members of the Agile Practice Team, to determine what practices, artifacts and behaviors the organization needs in order to continuously improve delivery of value to our customers. 

As an ODS, you will act as a galvanizing force for implementing new ways of thinking and working while creating a culture focused on value delivery and continuous improvement. The role requires strong interpersonal acumen, leadership, and mastery of agile-lean principles in software development and deployment. Success in this role, and in this large, complex and dynamic organization, is dependent on your knowledge of agile, lean, ability to collaborate with cross-functional leaders, and your presence when interacting with and influencing others, including executive leadership. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Design, Implement, and Continuously Improve the AgileTrinity “Ways of Working” – The Organizational Design Specialist is intimately familiar with Agile and Lean principles and is focused on maximizing flow of value. A successful ODS is able to solution around AgileTrinity’s engineering challenges by adopting and modifying existing frameworks. The ODS is confident enough to design new frameworks and practices through thoughtful experimentation and solid principle-based foundations. The ODS will also be responsible for documenting and maintaining the documentation for the processes.
  • Designing and Utilizing Metrics – We are a company that delivers industry-leading analytics software. As such, we are data driven in designing our “Ways of Working”. The successful Organizational Design Specialist is able to design metrics that help us surface risks, exploit opportunities, and identify organizational trends. You will work closely with the Program Analytics group to build dashboards and information radiators to support AgileTrinity reporting needs. The ODS will also be responsible for providing analysis of metrics across the organization to help encourage continuous improvement with the support of the Program Management Team and Agile Coaches.
  • Lean–Agile at Scale – The Organizational Design Specialist will identify and implement solutions to help AgileTrinity gain and maintain product value flow as it grows in size and complexity. By adapting existing scaling frameworks, or creating new ones, a successful ODS will help the company adjust to its scale in a way that delivers value, eliminates waste, fosters predictability and is lightweight in practice.
  • Education / Training – An Organizational Design Specialist will contribute to course development and/or teaching classes to AgileTrinity Engineering & Product Associates so that new hires understand and are quick to come up to speed in our system. You will also contribute to training more advanced topics at all levels of the organization to help drive healthy behaviors and continuous learning.
  • ALM Administration – An Organizational Design Specialist will work to ensure that our ALM tool is used in a way consistent with AgileTrinity “Ways of Working” and works through any changes necessary to provide that support. You foster the integrity of data in the ALM tool and use that data to identify and address anti-patterns.
  • Coaching and Facilitation – The ODS will be responsible for facilitating organization-level events that may relate to the scaling model AgileTrinity uses. While Coaching and Facilitation are not the focus of this position, a successful ODS is also an experienced Agilist and member of the Agile Coaching Team. You can step in to facilitate program and team level events, and provide coaching to the organization, the teams and their Team Leads/Scrum Masters.
  • Team Player – You will actively contribute to the cohesion and effectiveness of the Agile Practice Team, including the ability to hold strong opinions, yet articulate and advocate for them in a consumable way during discussion helping the team drive to complete the work at hand.
  • Adaptable – Being an agile organization, AgileTrinity’s needs may change over time as we evaluate and adjust our “Ways of Working.” A successful ODS is also an individual who is flexible and confident enough in their ability to change with the needs of the company and make every effort to learn and grow wherever there may be gaps.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, information technology or other relevant discipline; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 2 – 4 years of experience in Lean-Agile Leadership positions , plus 2-4 years of additional prior experience in other software development roles (Scrum Master, QE, Product, etc.).
  • Deep practical experience with Lean, scaling methods , and Agile Methodologies including Scrum and Kanban.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills ; experience facilitating to both large and small groups, as well as experience coaching team members up to senior management.
  • Thorough understanding of the software development life-cycle from conception to delivery.
  • Healthy sense of humor and desire to make work fun.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Certifications in Lean and/or Agile; i.e. Scrum, Kanban, Coaching, Training, SAFe, LeSS, etc.
  • Experience designing and delivering training on Lean and/or Agile practices.
  • Demonstrated Root Cause Analysis skills or kaizen facilitation experience at all levels of the organization.
  • Experience in conducting statistical analyses of process performance in a business environment.
  • Six Sigma certification or Six Sigma training.

About us:

AgileTrinity is the world’s preeminent force in enterprise processes, productivity methods and scaling. We keep that distinction by maintaining our objective of value focused, continuous improvement, best practices and agility and remaining true to our vision statement: The World’s Maximizing Engine of value practices—Powered by Experimented coaches, Fueled by Innovation. Through shared values, key capabilities and upholding our coache’s Creed, we continue to achieve our mission and aim high in all we do.

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