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Today’s information technology landscape is more complex than ever, and the cost to maintain it continues to climb. AgileTrinity's Application Management Service help companies overcome these challenges by improving application performance and achieve better business results. We provide a unique flexible structure that enables businesses to fine tune application management services (AMS) to their IT and business objectives.
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Application Management Services ensure that applications are optimally managed, allowing application development teams to spend more time on new innovations, allowing them to take important business decisions and provide support faster and more efficiently. Barriers between the teams are broken down through teamwork, fresh collaborative ideas and a smooth flow of information.

Increased performance

Application Management Services reduce maintenance costs and intervals by synchronising design, development and testing efforts. Application Management Services also significantly increase business performance and revenue streams by improving the availability and performance of critical applications.

Business continuity

Application Management Services reduce the risk of IT downtime and other forms of downtime for both your business and your customers. The team also employs best practices, which helps increase efficiency further when developing and implementing systems. All of this allows your company to remain focused on your core business.

Platform Stability

Application Management Services accelerate development through simplified integration and interconnected systems. Through DevOps, improved cooperation and knowledge sharing between the Service Desk, Application Operations and Application Development, problems can be solved more quickly. Recurring problems are resolved conclusively and unnecessary escalation is prevented. This allows Application Development to concentrate fully on development.

Better end-user experience

Higher-quality applications will not only result in a better user experience, but also in more productive business interactions with internal and external users. As a result, quality will improve and deliverables will meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Higher productivity

The monthly number of man-hours spent in meetings is greatly reduced in organisations with a proactive approach to Application Management. This results in a significant improvement in the productivity of IT staff, who are able to support twice as many business users per IT FTE.

Reduces total cost of ownership

Application Management Services increase flexibility by reducing the time required to build and implement applications. An Application Management approach focused on end-user experience enables IT teams to improve efficiency because fewer IT staff are required to handle problems, which translates into lower operating costs because the number of problems and escalations decreases.

Productivity at Low Cost

The biggest challenge for organisations with a compartmentalised organisational structure and spiral-shaped complexity is their increased dependence on expensive experts. Application Management Services achieves the maximum result from investment in skills, processes and technologies. With so-called ‘factory-style’ end-to-end application management, even junior support engineers can be more productive in less time.
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Cost optimization is a doctrine that IT organizations have continuously lived by, but it has taken on a higher degree of urgency given the current economic environment. Existing cost structures are under scrutiny to uncover opportunities to drive out costs in ways which may not have been evident before. This new environment has also presented unprecedented opportunity for those organizations who are brave, informed, and creative enough to test the boundaries of what is possible when seeking cost reduction opportunities.

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Business Productivity over IT Operations

We were able to deliver 30% increase in enhancement deliveries, 20% increase in team productivity, and 20% reduction in enhancement backlog in the first year of service.
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Empower Business and Productivty

When employees are allowed to make at least some decisions on their own—like when, where, or how they tackle projects—it gives them a sense of ownership over their work.

Rapid Enterprise Implementation

We help to align IT and business users to transform the way software or application is designed and built completing more project with the same budget while getting business and consumer insights

Best Succesful Practices

We have implemented Enterprise Global best practices: cycle of design, test, deploy, delivers continuous subsets of high-value features and puts them in the hands of users as fast as possible.

Precision Organization

We succeed through superior execution and the efficiency of our operating model.Everyone knows his or her role and implements it diligently, creating the overall effect of fluid and consistent execution.

Experienced Global Network

Our Network help each other to organize and leverage business, functional, developing and testing best practices in differente industries, we are big growing social enterprise.

Product, Agile & DevOps Support

We help companies in sectors with rapid design cycles keep their advantages. Our techniques are well-developed holistic system engineered that overcome more than a dozen common barriers to successful innovation.
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